Sunday, August 26, 2012

Whats New At Cake Pop Creations!

Whats New At Cake Pop Creations:

  • Cake Pop Creations changed shipping carriers which has allowed us to provide a better level of service for an even more affordable price. Cake Pop Creations now has the lowest nationwide shipping cost compared to any other cake pop company. New summer speedy shipping methods will guarantee your cake pop gift in 2 days or less. Keeping your cake pops cold and fresh is what we do best!   

  • Cake Pop Creations has just released a new cold safe packaging addition for our cake pop bouquets that is nearly fail proof. Allowing for more cold air flow this new revolutionary packaging item adds one more peace to the already perfectly cold and safe packaging system used by Cake Pop Creations.  Peace of mind is now guaranteed! 

  • Cake Pop Creations is now working with a number of large, medium, and small partner companies. Many of these product will be available through these partner companies in the coming months. If you have purchased a cake pop outside of a coffee shop anywhere in the US you most likely already indulging in one of our world famous cake pops. 

  • We will be soon releasing our Halloween collection! Stay Tuned!

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