Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Picking the brains of Cake Pop Creations

A few days ago I emailed both the President and his wife, co-owners of Cake pop Creations, about their take on the "Fad that we know as cake pops." I received the following: Talk about picking the brains of the people behind Cake Pop Creations!

As business owners and a self proclaimed food experts, food lovers, and foodies, My wife and I are always looking for ways to improve our product while staying diversified and ahead of the game.  The itching question for any business owner in the food industry, where trends come and go in a blink of an eye, is whether or not your product has real staying power. Not just any staying power but real year-after-year, our grand kids will be talking about it, staying power. I get asked  the same questions daily:  "Don't you think cake pops are just a fad?" "Will cake pops be around next year?" Well... The answer is not really that simple.

So are cake pops just a fad? Cake pops have been so saturated by the mainstream that in some sense I have to agree they are fad. With the help of the internet, several mega companies, and companies such Cake Pop Creations, cake pops went from a clever little idea to mainstream America in under one year.  Every kitchen friendly mom in America has tried or made these little delights on a stick.  Any small business selling cake pops to weddings and small events stand little chance of success in the long run. Most of these small-end companies have already fallen to the waste-side and the few that remain are not far from this same fate. 

What makes Cake Pop Creations different? Fortunately for us we do not just sell a handful of cake pops stuffed into a box or a decorated platter. Since the start of  Cake Pop Creations we stuck strong to the ideal that the Creation (Bouquet of Cake Pops), sold exclusively by Cake Pop Creations, was the only way to ensure staying power in such a rough industry. While the cake pop may be a fad the Creation is a very different animal altogether. Unlike the cake pop the Creation takes the leap into tradition much like a bouquet of flowers.  flowers, particularly flower bouquets, have long been a traditional symbol of gifting in America. Who's to say that only flowers can be a traditional gift?

Not long ago a couple of ingenious brothers turned the gifting world upside down by using fruit instead of traditional flowers in a bouquet; a healthy and fun alternative, that has turned into a global phenomena. In 2011 Cake Pop Creations entered the game and again turned the gifting market upside down by offering an indulgent alternative to flower, and now fruit, bouquet: The Cake Pop Creation. 

Since our launch in early 2011 Cake Pop Creations has grown to become the largest cake pop store and manufacture in the country; selling over 1000 cake pop bouquets a month to customers nationwide. Jumping on a traditional bandwagon has maybe led us to success but is it permanent?

There is no way to predict the future of the culinary world. We will continue push the envelope of taste, design, and quality of our pops but never stop at just that. In a few short weeks Cake Pop Creations will be releasing a new line of product unlike anything yet seen on the market. We are a company never satisfied with the statues quo and will continue to set the bar higher and higher.  This we can control and this is why Cake Pop Creations will be around long enough for our grand kids to see.

I sure cant wait to see what is coming next! Stay tuned as we will be announcing our new product line very soon!

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