Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Introducing the CRUNCHLE By Cake Pop Creations!

The Crunchy Truffle or CRUNCHLE is a one of a kind cake pop sold exclusively by Cake Pop Creations. The crunchy chocolate outer core perfectly compliments the moist and decadent chocolate and or vanilla inner goodness.

The CRUNCHLE is not just another cake pop. It is the first and only crunchy truffle cake pop. A uniquely large, crispy, and extra chocolaty outer shell is the first thing you will notice. This outer shell is only the beginning as once passed the crunchy outer layer you will find yourself in cake pop truffle bliss as you sink your teeth into our famously rich and moist chocolate cake or our decadent vanilla cake.

Order as an option on your next Cake Pop Creation or order in the soon to be released CRUNCHLE Cake Pop Creation. 

Stay tuned as there is always new and exiting treats coming from the famous Cake Pop Creations Test Kitchens! 

Current CRUNCHLES offered by Cake Pop Creations:

Basketball CRUNCHLES:

Offered as a cake pop topper on all of our Cake Pop Creations!

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