Saturday, December 31, 2011

Up to 50% OFF all Medium Cake Pop Creations!

Starting now and through the entire month of January 2012 All Medium (Two Dozen Cake Pop) Cake Pop Creations will be on sale!

Every day the discount will change and can be as high as 50% OFF! This offer is available for a limited time only so grab them while they last!

2012 will be the year of the cake pop and Cake Pop Creations will be at the forefront of design, taste, quality, and creativity for cake pops nationwide. We are the largest cake pop manufacture and cake pop store in the nation and we will continue moving forward with new ideas and new ways for you to buy our famous and delicious cake pops. You may even be able to find us in 2012 at your local grocery store, coffee shop, or other local goods store! 

Cake Pop Creations will also continue to create new beautiful Creations in the new year. The now World Famous Cake Pop Creation - A beautifully decorated bouquet of cake pops that you can order anytime online and have sent directly to your door! 

Why settle for cake pops thrown into a box by other cake pop stores when you can order a hand made and beautifully decorated Cake Pop Bouquet shipped directly to your door anywhere in the nation - cold and safe - made only by you guessed it...Cake Pop Creations!

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  1. Yay! I am going to buy like 10 creations this month!


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