Monday, November 14, 2011

Create a smile with a Cake Pop Creation!

A smile can speak louder than a thousand words, can be extremely contagious, and can even change lives. Here at Cake Pop Creations we don't just make cake pops we make cake pops that generates smiles. Whether the smile is from the lucky person to receive a Cake Pop Creation, or the kind heart person to give one, we pride ourselves in spreading smiles by producing the very best cake pops on earth.

Cake Pop Creations has several options for creating the ultimate smile: 

  1. Local Hand Delivery is a great way to surprise a friend, loved one, boss, coworker, etc. Our Cake Pop Creation Specialists will hand deliver any of our Creation directly to the lucky recipient of your choice. Seeing the beautifully wrapped cake pop bouquet (Creation) as it is handed directly to the recipient is sure to create a smile and a memory that will last. 
  2. If local delivery is not in the cards - no problem! Cake Pop Creations, being the largest cake pop store in the nation, will ship your cake pops nationwide cold and safe - rain or shine. Receiving our famous Cake Pop Creations box for the first time is an experience on its own. Most people are already smiling at this point and they have not even opened the box yet! Some would say our smile mission is complete. However, once the box is opened and the Cake Pop Creation is removed that smile turns into an uncontrollable mega smile!  Yep, now our mission is complete!  
  3. With our gigantic selection of cake pop flavors to choose from and our fully customize-able options its no wonder we are the number one choice for weddings, bridal parties, business meetings, large parties, and events. Used in desert bars, snack bars, coffee shops, conferences, radio events, TV events, and other large events our cake pops and Cake Pop Creations will guarantee you the center of attention. Now, isn't that something to smile about? We think so!

So give a smile and buy a Cake Pop Creation today! 
Don't waste your time with other cake pop stores! 

Why choose Cake Pop Creations?

  • Cake Pop Creations - With our Cold-Safe Packaging system you can have the peace of mind that your cake pops will arrive cold and safe.
  • Competition - Pack your cake pops into a box with confetti paper and pray that they arrive in one piece. Little to no heat protection used with no chance of a refund.
Flavor Selection

  • Cake Pop Creations - More than 25 flavors to choose from
  • Competition - maybe 8 flavors if you are lucky
Quality and Taste

  • Cake Pop Creations - Uses the finest ingredients available and will never compromise cost over quality. Production is 100% out of a health regulated and certified facility for food production.
  • Competition - Uses cheap pre-made mixes and chocolates. Works out of a house or small facility that may or may not be regulated.
Customer Service

Cake Pop Creations - A fast response is our promise. We will always do our best to resolve issues and to answer questions
Competition - None

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