Sunday, October 16, 2011

Over 500 Creations Sold! 10% Given Back To Local Schools!

This past week has been an amazing week for Cake Pop Creations as well as the cake pop industry itself. With the help of Plum District Orange County, The best place for moms to connect with local deals, and their fantastic reach, We sold over 500 Cake Pop Creations in one day with 10% going back to local schools! 

Even though cake pops are all the trend right now in the food industry, still to this day, many have not even heard of a cake pop yet alone had a chance to try one. With over 500 Cake Pop Creations sold this week we like to think that we have made an impression on 500 or more families that they will never forget. How could anyone forget something as good as cake pop? The ooey gooey goodness that is just too hard to resist. 

We would like to thank Plum District for all of their help and of course our local communities for all of their support. 10% back to our local schools is just a start! With many more deals, discounts, and specials to come we will be sure to, and always, find a way to give back to our local communities!

Check out our Cake Pop Events Page for details on future and past events!


  1. Can we pre-order cake pops to be sent at a later date???

  2. Absolutely! At checkout there is a "Special Instructions - Future delivery box" be sure to put your need date and any other instructions in this box.


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