Friday, August 5, 2011

The nations weather is heating up... So are cake pops!

Cake Pop Creations Estimated UPS Transit Time Map

The extreme heat this summer is not enough from stopping our cake pop loving customers from indulging themselves, their friends, co-workers, and loved ones with our award winning cake pops. We thank you  all for your support and of course for your love of our cake pops. However, love is not always enough to protect your cake pops from a summer heatwave.

The more cake pops we send across the nation this summer the more likely a Creation facing a long transit through the nations mid-section will face heat that even our Cold-Safe packaging cannot handle; trust us a whole lot of heat is needed.

Our Cold-Safe packaging has handled oven tests of over 150° F for 8 hour runs without failing. However, the real world is not an oven and failures do happen. To avoid a failure of your package we strongly recommend that if you are planning on sending a Creation in the summer months to any destination in bright orange or red (See Estimated UPS Transit Time Map) to use our UPS 2day (Preferred) or 3day service. We also highly recommend that you notify the lucky recipient of their gift (at least let them know a perishable gift is coming) so that the package is not left on a hot doorstep for hours at a time.

Click here for an explanation of our Cold-Safe Packaging

"Thank you again to all of our loyal customers for sticking with us even through this sticky weather. We take great pride in our product and not even the summer heat will keep us from serving the United States with the best cake pops around, the best customer service, and of course our boring blogs." - Nick Stanton, President of Cake Pop Creations

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